Weather Browser Theme

Weather Browser Theme

Get information about the weather in your locality with this browser theme
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Climate change has made weather forecast more difficult. Thus, an aid to get prepared for the weather changes is really welcome. This Web browser theme is designed to change its appearance according to the weather prevailing on the user's locality. Thus, for example, if it's raining in your city, the theme will show an image of clouds and rain. This feature is especially useful in large cities where the weather can vary from one part to another. Maybe it's not raining in your neighborhood but you need to go downtown. By watching the image on the theme of your browser, you will learn that it's raining so you can prepare yourself by carrying an umbrella.
The theme also has different buttons that open several pages showing detailed weather information about your locality, as well as forecasts and satellite maps. This way, you can learn in advance which will be the weather conditions in your city or in any other point of the world.
The theme is free, but the disadvantage is that it only works with Mozilla Firefox or MS Internet Explorer. Thus, you will need to use any of these browsers if you intend to install the program.

Victor Hernandez
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  • It only works with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers
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